The highest level in Tai Chi is attained when you can USE ENERGY.

Made available for purchase through this website is a series of 4 downloadable e-books. Before purchasing, you can check out the text, photographic, and video SAMPLES. This material comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with what is offered, just let us know and you will receive a full refund.

In magazine articles, DVD's, books, and mediums such as You Tube, you can occasionally find some high level Masters defining or DEMONSTRATING their use of energy. It is extremely rare to find information on how to DEVELOP and USE ENERGY.

Most people think of Tai Chi applications as punching, kicking, or joint locking. Most people get stuck there and never make it to the ENERGY level.

The best high level Masters just touch you and it's all over. You feel like all the "exits" are covered and there's nowhere to "go". You feel like there's a big weight hanging over your head, and if you move, it will fall on you.

The best high level guys don't go fast, toss you around, and NEVER use muscle. The best high level guys are never limp or stiff.

They feel like the "iron wrapped in cotton" mentioned in Tai Chi literature.

You can never find the "center" of a high level Master. They will feel like a pile of dirt. The best high level guys will feel like they are always "on" you because they are ALWAYS AIMING at you.

They will SPREAD their energy over you, COVER you, and find your energy HOLES. They will use these against you.

I studied with many Masters and Grandmasters almost 20 years before finding someone who COULD and WOULD actually show me how to build and use the inside of Tai Chi: ENERGY.

This path is kept secret from most Tai Chi practitioners their entire lives. Most Tai Chi practitioners don't even realize it exists.

But it's the highest level of Tai Chi, something everyone should be able to and CAN achieve.

Unraveling and de-mystifying the path to ACQUIRE the use of energy is what you will find here atApplied Tai Chi. This is about HOW to get from "here" to "there". "There" being what I think of as the CENTER of Tai Chi. If your Tai Chi path is not aiming towards the CENTER of Tai Chi, you will NEVER get there. Most practitioners NEVER do.

Tai Chi isn't about just doing forms. It's about learning how to BUILD, MOVE, and USE energy.

The practice of PUSH HANDS, when taught and performed properly, is the MICROSCOPE of your level of Tai Chi.

The Push Hands practices I'm talking about here are NOT the standard types of drills one is often taught at workshops. Push Hands really isn't the correct terminology of describing what is done in developing your use of energy, but at least the idea and image of Push Hands is known to most practitioners.

A more accurate way of stating it is that in order to develop your use of energy, you must CONTACT, or TOUCH someone.

I've touched so many people who have beautiful forms. Their energy comes"up", they get stiff, and have no idea how to use the Tai Chi they spend so much time practicing.

Learning to BUILD, MOVE, and USE energy is NOT specific to any particular martial art. Any martial artist will benefit from these techniques. Everyone I have encountered, regardless of style, is extremely excited and thankful to experience and learn ENERGY.

Learning ENERGY is also great for general health. The aging populations around the world would find much more active, enjoyable lives if they would just practice the foundational material presented in these books.

Good Luck on your Tai Chi path. It's a journey, a process. Make it as fruitful and as rewarding as possible. START LEARNING ENERGY TODAY! Reach your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL as a practitioner. For me, the most valuable thing in my world is TIME. Don't waste any more of yours. Purchase these e-books: the text, photo, and video materials TODAY! With a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, why wait?

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